"law"의 두 판 사이의 차이

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*'''1.''' [[법]], [[법률]], [[법규]].
{{예문}} ''a [[customary]] [[law]]'' 관습법
{{예문}} ''When [[there]] is no [[provision]] in this Act [[as to]] a [[commercial]] [[matter]], the [[commercial]] [[customary]] [[law]] [[shall]] [[apply]]; and if there is no [[such]] [[law]], the [[provision]]s of the Civil Act shall apply.'' 상사에 관하여 본법에 규정이 없으면 상관습법에 의하고 상관습법이 없으면 민법의 규정에 의한다. {{따옴|[[:s:en:Commercial Act of South Korea/PART I GENERAL PROVISIONS|Commercial Act of South Korea art. 1 ]] }}
{{파생어 상자|lawbreaker|lawful|lawless|lawgiver|lawmaker|lawofficer|lawyer}}
{{파생어 상자|종류=[[복합어]]|law court|law school|business law|civil law|commercial law|constitutional law|criminal law|trade law}}